Carolyn Mutch is an Australian artist based in Thirroul, NSW.

Carolyn Mutch studied fine arts at the National Art School and West Wollongong TAFE. Carolyn's work is inspired by the German expressionist movement, and so she is interested in depicting the subjective nature of her subjects and the light and the dark side of human experience. Her work is particularly inspired by the artwork of drawer/painter Egon Schiele and the drawing and printmaking of Käthe Kollowitz. She is also a psychologist and mostly draws portraits. She has had an arts practice since 2000 and since has had two solo exhibitions and a number of other exhibitions either with one or two other people or with a larger group of artists.

In 2013 she won the Thirroul Arts Festival Wiseberry Award for Drawing. She has been accepted for an artist residency at Takt in Berlin, Germany for three months from October 2014.

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